A population of yellow jackets, a type of wasp, can become enormous when a property owner isn’t paying attention. These stinging insects like to build nests in hollowed-out areas of trees, in tree stumps, and under wood decks and porches. A homeowner may want to call for professional Yellow Jackets Control in Pittsburgh PA, if the problem has gotten out of hand.

The insects normally aren’t aggressive unless they feel threatened, but they become downright nasty if this occurs. If somebody swats at yellow jackets, for instance, the insects may become aggravated and sting. This tends to happen when the yellow jackets are attracted to objects such as soda cans or plates of food, and someone tries to shoo them away. These wasps also tend to hang around garbage, barbecue grills, and dead bugs on the grilles of cars. They’re attracted to sweet substances and protein that provides food for them.

A company providing professional Yellow Jackets Control in Pittsburgh PA, typically provides same-day or next-day service, knowing that these critters can cause injuries to people and their pets. Homeowners generally have no idea just how big that nest has become. If they remove boards along the side of the deck or porch with the thought of spraying the yellow jackets, finally viewing the actual size of the nest can be alarming. It’s best to call an expert, such as The-Beeman, rather than risk the insects defending their territory and swarming.

Some property owners worry about exterminating these bugs because they look somewhat similar to honeybees, and many people know that the world honeybee population is in trouble. Yellow jackets are not bees. They do provide pollination activity to a certain extent, but they are not nearly as significant in the pollination process as honeybees and other bees are. They sometimes visit flowers, but their bodies don’t hold pollen very well because they aren’t fuzzy like bees are. The risk they pose of causing serious injury to humans and animals means that exterminating them on a residential property is the wisest solution. Visit the website the-beeman.com to learn more about yellow jackets and to schedule service.

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