When there is a bee hive located outside of a preschool, teachers will most likely be concerned about the well-being of their students while on the premises. Since bees can cause allergies, it is extremely important to take fast action in eradicating the bee problem. Here are some steps that can be taken when dealing with the presence of bees.

Contact Parents And Check Medical Information

It is best to call a service that handles Bee Removal in Brooklyn so the hive will be eliminated in its entirety. When waiting for the pest control service to arrive, taking the time to contact the caregivers of children should be done. This way if a child is known to have allergic reactions to bee stings, teachers will know now to react if an injury is sustained. Medication can be sent to the school in case of a bee sting.

Keep Children Busy With Indoor Activities

Avoid going near the bee hive until it is able to be properly removed. Instead, take the time to teach children about bees and how to react to them, so they are not agitated. This information will be useful if a bee happens to make its way into the classroom. If there are a few different ways to get out of the school, utilize one that is the furthest away from the hive.

Consider Using A Bee-Killing Agent

If the number of bees flying around the school is excessive, the population can be decreased by using a bee-killing agent. It is best to use this type of chemical agent during the early morning hours when bees are inside of their hive. It is also wise to wear light-colored clothing when applying the agent to the hive as bright colors will be more likely to agitate bees.

When there is a need to hire a service to do an effective Bee Removal in Brooklyn, calling a business that will show up at the school promptly is necessary. Contact Metro Pest Control Inc. to find out more about the service offered to their customers or to make an appointment today.

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