It can be hard to choose which type of truck to purchase. Once a buyer has narrowed their options down to a Dodge Ram, one of the main considerations is which type of cab to get. The options include standard and extended cabs as well as the quad cab, which is a crew cab. There are both pros and cons to opting for the larger quad cab.

Increased Cabin Space

When purchasing a Dodge Ram Quad Cab in North Dakota, it can be handy to have that extra large cabin that more comfortably seats four. The larger cabin also makes it possible to have four doors, making it easier for people to get in and out of the truck. When not carrying extra passengers, that extra space can be used for storing items inside the truck. Not everyone wants to always leave all their purchases and belongings unsecured in the bed of the truck or have to purchase a cover.

Decreased Bed Size

The main drawback to opting for a Dodge Ram Quad Cab in North Dakota is that having the extra long cab means that the size of the bed is decreased quite a bit. Having a long bed and a long cabin results in a truck that is longer than average and more difficult to maneuver, so most dealers don’t offer this option, although it’s possible to get a truck converted, so it has both of these desirable features. Browse our website for more information on this option. An extended cab instead of a quad cab can make it, so there’s room to carry an extra passenger or two from time to time without sacrificing quite as much space in the bed as having a quad cab.

A regular cabin is less expensive than an extended cab, which is less expensive than a quad cab. However, it may be easier to sell an extended or quad cab than a standard cab truck, as these options are becoming very popular. Thus, it may be best to purchase a regular cab truck only if you don’t need to carry extra passengers and plan to drive the truck until it’s no longer usable. Those who want to trade in their vehicle regularly for the newest model, and sometimes have to carry more than one or two people, may want to choose between the extended cab and quad cab models.

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