The septic system has been an excellent way to handle household sewage for more than a century, but it isn’t always the easiest option. For instance, when a septic system overflows, it could fill up the pipes used for leaching the effluent (wastewater) into the soil. Once this capability is hindered, the tank begins to force the liquid waste into the home. This happens because liquids tend to take the path of least resistance and can quickly fill and overflow the drain lines. The resulting mess can destroy floors, drywall and other portions of the building.

Septic Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA can help by cleaning the tank properly and hydro-jetting the lines. Cleaning the tank is a matter of vacuum pumping the system and removing any solid waste. The purpose of hydro-jetting is to wash any waste matter back into the tank so it can also be removed. Sometimes, the septic system leach lines or field lines are so clogged that the contractor will need to replace them. Installing a new set of leach lines can be an expensive task, but it may be the only way to properly restore the function of the septic system.

Septic tanks work by allowing the solid matter to break down and be consumed by various bacteria and enzymes. The remainder is allowed to settle to the bottom and this pushes the effluent to the top. Once it reaches the point where the leach lines are installed, the effluent will slowly drain into the soil. This allows the reclamation of water into the local water table. Experts in Septic Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA can inspect and clean the system so this works as expected.

One concern that many homeowners have with a septic system occurs when selling the property. Some people think that septic systems are expensive to maintain. However, routine cleaning, typically every two to three years, is often less than the cost of a municipal connection for the same amount of time. Still, for the property owner who wishes to make the conversion it is a fairly simple job. A contractor will need to connect a large drain pipe between the home and the municipal system. The property owner may also want to remove or fill in the old tank so it doesn’t become a hazard. Visit the Site and learn more about septic system repairs and maintenance.

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