Water has the potential to do more damage to a home than any other substance. Water can and will seep into any crack or crevice available on a home and slowly begin to cause damage. Rot and mold are two results of water damage that can be particularly costly and time consuming to repair. There is one simple addition that can be put onto any home to help prevent water damage: gutters. The first step toward getting gutters is to use a company that has reliable gutter installation in Tacoma, WA. Quality installation in a key factor in gutters performing the way they are supposed to.

When rain runs down a roof and over the edge of a home the ideal scenario is for a set of gutters to catch the water and funnel it toward a downspout. If there are no gutters on a home, that water can seep under the edge of the shingles and begin to cause rot or mold growth on the roof. The water can also run over the edge and down onto the siding on the home. If enough water continually passes over the edge of the siding, the same rot and mold growth can occur. Rot and mold on roofs or siding can lead to costly repair and replacement work.

Another area of the home that can be protected by having gutter installation in Tacoma, WA is landscaping. There are often flower beds underneath the eaves of homes because that is a natural place for them. The edges of a home are a logical place to do landscaping work because it helps to protect the foundation. Having gutters funnel water away from the edge of the home and push in through a downspout helps to keep these landscaped areas from being pummeled by strong rain storms.

Putting up gutters might seem like a good DIY project, but many have tried and failed with that line of thinking. Gutters need to be installed by experts like those at CR Gutters Inc. because that is the only way to ensure they will work properly. Gutters need to be installed at the proper pitch to allow water to run away from the middle toward the downspouts. Seamless gutters also work better than those that are pieced together and the average homeowner can’t install seamless pieces. Time and money can be saved by going with the professionals.

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