There are numerous occasions when crates are needed including when moving, shipping freight and to protect items while the remain in storage. To do this there are plastic bins, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap and more. However, for the safest and most sensible method people should choose custom wooden crates. It is an affordable option that offers many benefits.

Custom Crate Designs

Wooden crates in San Antonio are custom-sized and shaped to fit whatever cargo is destined to go inside. This avoids attempting to fit something into a container that is too tight to protect it adequately or too large to provide the correct amount of stability. The interior of the crate is also custom designed to make certain it properly supports the material. This keeps items from falling over or shifting around and prevents damage.

Solid Protective Case

Solid wood provides a durable case that will not bend or dent like metal, cardboard and plastic. It protects better than shrink-wrapped pallets and is an option that keeps the item being shipped private and secure. Wood crates protect both small valuables and large equipment as well as everything in-between.

Smart Environmental Option

Wooden crates in San Antonio are an eco-friendly shipping option. Wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product and the material used for each crate is reusable in many ways. Keep the crates whole to use as a storage container for the shipped item or reuse it for other materials. When a crate is no longer needed it is possible to use the wood to make other projects or it is recyclable at a local facility.

Any item that is valuable enough to ship is important enough to make certain it is safe during its trip. Crate Master helps their customers to feel confidant that everything they package and send will arrive at its destination in the same condition it was in when it left. Their custom designs are used to ship motorcycles, heavy equipment, furniture and antiques. Every crate is designed specifically for each item to ensure that it is a perfect fit each time. Anyone interested in learning more can contact the company for information or for a free estimate.

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