When disaster strikes and the power goes out, a standby generator comes in awful handy. Even the smallest unit will keep a few lights and the refrigerator running. A fixed, standby generator ensures that you don’t have to struggle with a bunch of extension cords in the dark or have to run outside in a storm to start a portable unit. Regardless of whether you are home at the time or not, Generac generators for sale in Glenview will automatically kick-in and maintain power to critical appliances in the home.

There are three basic types of standby generators for home use:

Depending on your specific needs there are three different types of Generac generators on sale in Glenview that will satisfy your requirements:

* Essential circuit: This is the smallest unit that is practical; it can comfortably handle up to 16 circuits, the power output ranges from 8 to 16 kW. Units of this nature are normally air cooled.

* Small circuit: A small circuit standby generator can run the entire household if you pay attention and limit the power usage. A small circuit generator has a power output of 15 to 20 kW and is also air cooled.

* Whole house: These generators normally are rated between 22 to 50 kW; they are normally cooled by liquid and run very quietly. As you can appreciate a whole house standby generator is the most expensive of the three.

Installing your backup generator:

There are Generac generators for sale in Glenview that come complete with installation. The technicians that perform the installation as well as future maintenance are all certified and can deal with the electrical as well as the plumbing issues.

Adding a standby generator in your home gives you the assurance that you will never be without power; no spoiled food, no frozen pipes and; a standby generator increases the value of your home should you decide to move.

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