After spending some time mulling over the situation, the decision is made to thing seriously about establishing a neighborhood recycling program. In order to make sure the project is a success, it helps to get some facts from the local Recycling Service in Baltimore. Here are some questions to ask before the project is structured and launched.

What Types of Things Can Be Recycled?

The recycling service in Baltimore can provide a detailed list of what type of materials are accepted. It’s not just enough to know that the center will take paper products. Consult the list and find out if donating things like waxed cardboard boxes are accepted. Are there any restrictions on paper products coated with certain types of dyes? Knowing what is and isn’t eligible for recycling will make it all the easier to set up bins and collection points throughout the neighborhood.

What Sort of Preparation is Necessary?

It’s not unusual for recycling programs to require donations to be cleaned before they are taken to the local center. For example, various types of scrap metal should be should be washed and dried prior to being placed into a recycling bin. This will make it all the easier to prepare the metal for processing and transport to a manufacturer who will use it as materials for new products.

What are the Hours of Operation?

Find out when the service is open. That will make it easier to determine when the donations need to be turned in each week and prepared for collection. Even if the service is willing to spot a collection bin at a neighborhood park or house of worship, it helps to know when that bin will be picked up and an empty one left for future collections.

Keep in mind that most collection centers will provide information that makes it easier to set up a local recycling effort. Visit today and find out what sort of information can be downloaded or picked up. Go over the specifications during the next neighborhood association meeting and see what can be worked out. Once the program is up and running, it won’t take long for everyone in the neighborhood to get into the habit of recycling.

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