So, you’ve discovered that you need your pipes repaired, or you suspect you may. Pipe repairs can be complicated and destructive to your yard, which is just one of the many reasons homeowners put off repairs. However, there is a simple solution. Trenchless repair is one of the best options for sensitive repairs that don’t disturb the surrounding area.

The process is very minimally invasive, making it an excellent option for many homeowners who need repairs. This method is relatively new and on the rise in popularity due to the many advantages the process provides. To learn more about how trenchless pipe repair works, read on.

What Happens

First, an entry point is chosen. Since the process is trenchless, the entry point is much smaller. This is ideal to keep your yard intact. Next, the pipe is properly cleaned. A pressure jet is typically used, so the area is properly cleaned. Next, a liner is inserted into the damaged pipe through an inspection opening.

From here, the pipe is inflated using a bladder. The liner is then left to cure, repairing the broken pipe within the original damaged one, and the bladder is removed. The result is a working pipe without disturbing the surrounding area with just a little reduction in flow.


     *      Minimum Yard Damage – One of the best parts of trenchless repairs? 90% less damage to your yard compared to trench methods, which is better for you as a homeowner.

     *      Quick Repairs – If you want your yard back to normal and your pipes fixed as soon as possible, you’ll want to choose trenchless methods. The process of trenchless pipe repair takes much less time than standard solutions.

     *      Precise and Accurate Inspection – Inspection can be done through the entry point using cameras, so the pipes won’t be disturbed more than they need to be.

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