Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury claims that are filed in courts across the land. At last count there are nearly six million accidents involving cars and trucks in the US every year, that amounts to about one accident every minute or so. All of these accidents result in an untold number of injuries and thousands of deaths. A car accident has the tendency to affect the victim both physically and emotionally as well as financially. Many people that are involved in vehicle accidents and they believe the fault lies with the other driver turn to a car accident lawyer in Detroit to lodge a claim on their behalf.

You have legal recourse:

If you or a passenger in your car was injured in an accident there are steps that can be taken to win compensation. A car accident lawyer in Detroit can file a personal injury claim against the other driver or, should the accident have resulted in someone’s death, the lawyer can sue for wrongful death. Lawsuits of this nature seek compensation through a monetary award, the amount that is claimed is the total of all medical costs, damage to the vehicle, lost income, rehab costs and an amount to compensate for pain and suffering.

You must look for a lawyer that focuses on personal injury cases, one that has a strong record in winning claims on behalf of clients. The lawyer will help in determining first of all, is there a valid claim and then work towards proving that the at fault party was someone other than you. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to prove to the negligent driver’s insurance company that their client caused the accident that in turn caused your injuries and that they are liable to pay just compensation. Keep reading more information at

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