Slate has been used as a roofing material for decades. It’s a popular choice among homeowners because it combines technological advancements and natural capabilities to offer lifelong benefits. For homeowners who are interested in slate roofing, the guide below lists some reasons to call slate roofing contractors in Port Washington NY.

It’s Durable

Slate is a natural rock, and as such, it is very durable and tough. A slate roof can easily last a century or more on top of a home. Slate is resistant to water and insect damage, and it won’t burn or rot. In fact, slate is one of the most fire-resistant roofing materials available today. These roofs need little maintenance, but proper care can help a homeowner maximize his or her investment.

It’s Ideal for All Climates

Unlike wood that can become weak from excessive moisture or metal that may rust, slate can stand up to freeze/thaw cycles, snow, rain, wind and heat. It’s the ideal roofing material for a home in any climate.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Slate is made from natural materials, and it has no harmful effects on the environment. Apart from being sustainable, it requires little processing to be turned into a roofing material. Slate is reusable and recyclable, which helps to cut the amount of construction waste in the landfill.

It’s Energy Efficient

Slate is regarded as a cool roofing option, and it can improve a home’s energy efficiency. When a home has a slate roof, the owner will find it easier to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Using energy wisely can help owners save on utility costs while ensuring comfort in all seasons.

It’s Attractive

Slate often comes in gray hues, but it can also have green, red, black or purple accents depending on its origin. As it’s natural rock, slate offers a unique charm that other roofing materials can’t provide. Slate Roofing Contractors in Port Washington NY can recommend the right type of slate roofing for any home.

To get the most benefit out of a slate roof, the homeowner should choose a reliable contractor. This ensures that the roof is installed correctly and it gives the owner someone to call if they have questions and concerns. Visit to learn more about modern slate roofing options.

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