Many homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their roofs. From one year to the next, the roof will normally get a cursory cleaning in the spring and that’s about it. Only when some sort of issue arises will the owner decide that the time has come to call for help. Here are a couple of reasons to call one of the local roofing services in Menasha even if there is not some apparent issue.

Annual Inspections

The homeowner already arranges an annual inspection for the heating and cooling system, so what’s so strange about having the roof checked at least once every two years? A professional from one of the local roofing Services in Menasha can come out and check every element of the roof. That includes the framework supporting the roof. The inspection will go one of two ways. In the best case scenario, the roofer will confirm that the structure is sound and does not need any type of repair. The other possible outcome is that the roofer does identify a minor issue that should receive attention before it results in a major problem. Either way, the homeowner knows what has to be done in order to ensure the roof keeps providing excellent protection.

Checking After the Storm

Severe weather can cause damage to roofs that is not readily noticeable. Just because the roof seems to look fine from ground level does not mean all is well. The best approach is to call a professional roofing company and arrange for a roofer to inspect for any damage. While the inspection may find nothing more than a couple of loose shingles and some flashing around the chimney that was weakened by the storm, having those issues resolved now will save the owner a lot of money later on.

For any homeowner who is having trouble remembering the last time the roof was checked, today is the day to contact Motto & Sons and set up a service call. After taking a good look at the roof from all sides, it will be easy to determine if any type of work is necessary. Once the project is complete, the homeowner can rest easy, knowing that the roof is sound and likely to last for several more years.

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