Having a tree removed from a residential property can be a somewhat distressing experience for a family that is quite fond of this yard feature. Nevertheless, sometimes, trees should be taken down by a tree cutting service in Norwich, CT because they are too damaged or aesthetically displeasing to save.

Lightning Strike

Trees may be struck by lightning, especially if they are much taller than anything else in the immediate vicinity. Many actually survive the occurrence and live for many more decades, but some gradually die. It can take three or four years after the strike before the tree shows noteworthy signs that it should be filled by a tree cutting service in Norwich, CT.


Windstorms may not uproot and blow down the entire tree but may cause a large weakened branch or two to break off. This can make the structure unbalanced and create a significant risk of the entire tree coming down in a future storm. Lost branches of appreciable size also may detract from the aesthetics of the tree and make it less than pleasant to view in the residential environment.

Trees Too Close Together

Sometimes, people plant two saplings in a yard, and these young trees seem that they’ll always be far enough apart, but their relatively rapid growth rate leads to them growing in competition with each other. One is likely to be more successful, thus depleting the amount of sunshine and air available to the competitor. One side of the tree winds up with many dead branches and, essentially, becomes an eyesore.

Unexplained Die-Off

At times, a tree begins to die, and there is no ready explanation for what happened. Owners might think back to any events on the property that could have compromised the tree’s health. For instance, any excavation within several feet of the tree could have compacted the soil and changed the tree’s environment enough to cause a great deal of stress. Removing or adding a tree or a building also can change sunlight levels enough to cause considerable stress. Trees can be evaluated and removed if necessary by an organization such as Dunn’s Tree Service. Click here to start getting assistance with the decision.

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