A criminal charge can affect your life forever. Attempting to represent yourself in court can result in results that are less than favorable. Obtaining the legal advice in Burlington VT you need begins with a free consultation with an attorney. A DUI/DWI conviction can cause the loss of your driver’s license, high fines, potential jail time or probation. When an attorney meets with you, they will discuss your legal rights, outline a defense strategy and preserve your driving privileges.

The loss of a driver’s license should not be taken lightly. It could cause someone to lose their job when they’re unable to travel back and forth to work. A first-time offense could result in an administrative license suspension. The only way to get the license back is to complete a court=mandated alcohol and driving education program. A first-time offender is not required to use an ignition interlock system. Criminal penalties do not require mandatory minimum jail time but do have a maximum of not more than two years in jail if convicted. Fines are capped at $750 but do not include the DUI surcharge, or any other costs that are incurred in completing terms of a sentence.

A DUI conviction will remain on someone’s driver’s record forever and will affect the sentencing of any subsequent DUI convictions for the rest of their life. Trying to maneuver through the criminal justice system or negotiating a plea bargain alone is never recommended. Legal advice in Burlington VT from an experienced attorney will offer the insight and information someone needs to make an educated decision about their case. Negotiating a favorable plea deal or getting a complete dismissal of the criminal charges should be handled by an experienced DUI/DWI attorney without outstanding negotiation skills.

A criminal attorney can represent you through a variety of criminal cases including domestic violence, drug or sex crimes. If certain requirements are met, an attorney can help you have your old criminal conviction records destroyed. This could take away barriers you have obtaining employment, a loan or scholarship funds to complete your education. For more information about obtaining the legal advice you need, please click here.

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