Some homeowners are fortunate enough to enjoy windows that work for as long as they own the property. Others find that they need to invest in Replacement Windows in Baltimore MD at some point. Here are some of the more common signs that today is the day to call a contractor and start investigating the options for new windows.

Heating and Cooling Costs are Up

Compared to the same period last year, it’s costing more money to heat and cool the house. A quick check confirms that no rate increase has occurred, and the home insulation is still in great shape. The case of the increase is the deteriorating condition of the older windows. Since more air is seeping into the home, the heating and cooling system consumes more energy in an attempt to maintain the desired temperature. Unless replacement windows in Baltimore MD are purchased and installed, the homeowner can look forward to spending more money each month on heating and cooling.

The Sashes Stick

There are days when it would be nice to open the windows on each end of the home and create a nice breeze. Unfortunately, the windows are less than cooperative. The sashes stick, making it almost impossible to open them. Closing them at night is no easier. Instead of struggling to open and close the sashes, call a contractor and arrange for a complete window replacement.

The Wood is Rotting

The wood composing the sashes is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Those wooden frames aren’t in much better shape. Along with being an eyesore, those weakened windows are doing nothing to maintain the security of the house. Replace them with aluminum or vinyl windows, and there will be no concerns about wood rot. Those replacements will also be harder for anyone to break through.

If the idea of Replacement Windows in Baltimore MD sounds interesting, today is a good day to learn more. Visit Master Seal Doors & Windows and check into the advantages offered by different window styles and materials. Ask a professional to take a look at the home and make some recommendations. It won’t take long to settle on the right replacement windows, have them installed, and begin to reap the benefits.

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