What used to be a huge hassle has now become common practice in the United States. Recycling bottles, cans, and scrap metal can be quite profitable and cash for scrap metal businesses have sprung up all over the country. There are a number reasons for this but the number one is that recycling metal is good this country’s economic growth. More and more businesses are creating lines in their overall budgets for the savings they make on their ongoing projects by using recycled metal. In this way they are able to create new jobs and offer their products at lower costs.

Reduce the Need to Build More Landfills

With everybody wanting to work together to have a greener and cleaner planet, one of the ways to accomplish that is by recycling. It only makes sense that the more of the metal that we can recycle, the less of those items that we are going to be sending to landfills. Do you know the more than 50% of all the metals that are being recycled in this country have been reused in other products? Here is the biggest problem, sitting in landfills all over this country are discarded appliances, etc., 80% of which are recyclable.

Sooner or Later It Will Be Illegal to not Recycle

It is true that at some point it is going to become law the metal will become another item that will be required to be recycled. Many states have already enacted laws banning all forms of metals going into local landfills, and quite a few more have ready passed stricter laws. A few are even already requiring manufacturers to set up their own recycling programs. H&C Metals are already dedicated to the cause of a healthier planet and are one of the top paying companies around when it comes to your scrap metal.

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