When someone has worn Solid Wood Flooring in Roslyn inside of their house, they will most likely want to revitalize them to improve the appearance of their home. Refinishing a wood floor can be done by the homeowner themselves if they have the proper tools and some knowledge to do the job. Here are some tips one can use in refinishing wood floors to improve their appearance.

Preparing The Floor For The Job

All furniture will need to be removed from the area being sanded and stored in another location. Removing the floor molding will need to be done in advance of sanding so the sander will effectively work along the edges of the flooring. Light fixtures should be covered with paper bags to reduce the chance of sawdust getting into the mechanisms. Vacuuming of the entire floor to be treated should be done to help avoid scratching the floor during the sanding procedure

Using A Sander To Strip The Top Layer

The homeowner will need to rent a sanding machine from a local rental service. This will be used to remove the top layer of wood, leaving behind a smooth surface. The job should be started at the far corner of the room. The machine can be pushed along the wall and then shifted over slightly. The sander will then be pushed in the opposite direction, parallel to the area just sanded. This will ensure no spots are missed during the procedure.

Finishing The Job With Stain

After the entire floor is sanded, it should be stained to give it a pleasing appearance. Stain can be rubbed over the wood planks by hand. When it dries, a coat of polyurethane can be added to make the floor appear shiny. This also gives it a protective layer against scratching and wear of the coloring.

If someone is interested in refinishing Solid Wood Flooring in Roslyn, or if they would like to change a carpeted room to one made of wood flooring pieces, a call to a flooring supplier will answer any questions the homeowner has. Take a look at a website like Anthonysworldoffloors.com to see their selection of flooring options and the services they offer to their customers.

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