Truck owners end up putting their vehicles through some heavy duty driving. Trucks are used for all manner of hauling, from auto and building parts to furniture to hitch trailers. And they end up being driven for far greater distances overall than any standard family car. Trucks are workhorses, and as such end up being used and even abused to an extent. This is especially true for trucks owned by businesses such as construction firms, salvage haulers, lawncare services, and mobile repair services of many different kinds. The demands of hauling equipment or other loads, long-distance highway driving and short-range city driving all combined puts heavy mechanical stresses on every system of the vehicle.

Truck owners have greater need for maintenance and repair work than Bob with his Toyota Camry or Audrey with her Honda. A good and reliable Truck Maintenance Service in Wamego KS which is fully staffed with ASE-certified mechanics offers comprehensive auto-mechanic care for that all-important vehicle. Engine, transmission, and air conditioning systems are examined with the latest in computer diagnostic platforms which connect to the vehicle’s computer. These can provide a complete readout on the current state of these systems during the maintenance check. Readouts pinpoint trouble spots and indicate which repair or adjustment is required to bring all systems back up to factory spec.

And when it comes to the underside of the truck, where the real action takes place, mechanics examine every component of the suspension for wear. Struts and leaf springs are subjected to considerable stresses while being driven on roads of varying quality and often with heavy loads being carried. A defect in any of the suspension members can cause stability problems for the truck and certainly will accelerate tire wear. Either can compromise driver safety, so regular suspension inspection is a necessity no truck owner can afford to overlook as part of the vehicle maintenance plan. Finally and just as importantly, brakes require regular servicing to maintain them in factory condition.

Check out to see for yourself the full range of repair and maintenance we offer. Our mechanics are thoroughly trained and certified, and we offer AAA roadside service. Make us your choice when seeking out truck maintenance service in Wamego KS.

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