Degenerative or bulging discs in the neck and spine can cause chronic widespread pain, leaving people unable to perform even the basic tasks like walking or standing. In fact, many who suffer this type of pain find very little relief sitting as well. Compression of the neck and spine from injury or just arthritis can result in other types of medical issues too, debilitating headaches, and pain or inflammation in other joints as the hips and knees also occur. Many have looked into Stem Cell Moore to help reduce and even correct their condition for less pain.

Stem cells because of their ability to multiply and grow healthy tissue where injury or breakdown in the body is happening has given many who suffer from neck and spine problems hope. These cells work to strengthen the area and promote new cell growth where there is a lack of blood supply, or serious damage has taken place. Stem cells are the answer to promoting healing in areas of the body that are not able to repair or replace damaged tissue, such as the discs in the spine and neck. Stem cells are cultivated from the bone marrow and then reinjected into the affected area of the body to begin healing the damaged tissue and bone. The platelet rich plasma attaches itself to the damaged area and starts multiplying new cells repairing the injury.

Patients benefit from Stem Cell Moore because it is less invasive as a traditional spinal surgery, and the risks are minimal. Recovery time is also reduced, and require little to no physical therapy after the procedure. Stem cell research has advanced how patients can recover from a severe injury that can cause damage to other areas of the body. Seeking the guidance of a medical facility that works with stem cell therapy is also easier than ever, doctors work to offer people a network of over 400 physicians to make stem cells available for treatment.

Longevity Joint Spine Pain works to provide patients and those suffering from pain and inflammation, multiple therapies to regain pain-free lives. Dr. Robinson and his staff will discuss all the options available and help to discover which is the right one for all their patients. To find out more about different treatment options Click here or to schedule an appointment.

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