A metal garage door that has become rusted can be repaired by completing the basic Garage Door Repair in Newton MA that is described below. Once corrosion has been eliminated, applying a fresh coat of paint and sealer to the door will add appeal to a garage’s exterior and will prevent rust from becoming an issue again.


*    rust dissolving agent

   foam brush

*    sponge with abrasive surface

*    metal cleanser

*    bucket

  *    water hose

  *    painter’s tape

*    paint (designed for use on exterior metal)

   *    paint gun

*    clear sealer (for metal surfaces)

   *    paint tray

*    paint roller

   wooden stick

Removing Corrosion And Cleaning The Metal Surface

After the metal door is closed and secure, a rust dissolving agent that is in gel form can be added to each spot with a foam brush. Once rust begins dissolving, a sponge that has an abrasive surface can be moved over the doors’ exterior to remove any rust that remains. Afterwards, a metal cleanser needs to be applied to rust in order to remove any dirty residue from the exterior. A water hose can be used to remove a rust dissolving agent and metal cleanser from a door afterwards.

Applying Paint And Sealer To Metal

Painter’s tape needs to be applied to window frames or handles on a door so that they are not exposed to paint. Paint that is designed for use on exterior metal can be applied to a clean door with a paint gun. Once paint dries, a second coat may need to be added in order to deepen the color of a door’s surface. A clear sealer that is added to a door with a paint roller will provide metal with plenty of protection from corrosion. A sealer will provide a barrier that will not allow moisture to penetrate. After sealer dries, painter’s tape can be removed and a door can be opened and closed in a normal manner.

Any other type of Garage Door Repair in Newton MA can be handled by setting up an appointment online at collinsoverheaddoor.com or a similar website. Power doors and ones that open and close manually can be serviced at a residential or business setting.

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