If an heirloom mirror has faint scratches across its surface, they can be minimized or eliminated altogether by completing the steps below. Once signs of damage have been reversed, maintaining a mirror’s surface will prevent visible damage from appearing again.


*     glass cleaner

*     lint-free towels

*     jewelry polish

*     buffing sponges

*     baking soda

*     water

*     measuring cup

*     bowl

*     spoon

Cleaning The Glass And Removing Scratches With Polish

A small amount of glass cleaner that has been applied to a lint-free towel can be used to remove dust, smudges, and surface dirt from the glass. Once the glass is clean and dry, imperfections in a mirror’s surface will not be difficult to spot. A small amount of jewelry polish that contains cerium oxide needs to be added to a buffing sponge. A sponge should be moved firmly back and forth over scratches in order to reduce the appearance of each one. More polish might need to be added to a cloth if the initial treatment did not work well.

Removing Scratches With A Homemade Mixture

If jewelry polish isn’t readily available, a homemade scratch removing mixture can be prepared by adding equal amounts of baking soda and water to a small bowl. The ingredients need to be stirred with a spoon until they are creamy and well-blended. Afterward, a buffing sponge can be dipped into the mixture and applied directly to each imperfection in the glass. Moving a sponge around in small circles will help lighten marks in the glass. More of the homemade mixture may need to be applied to a sponge in order to effectively minimize or eliminate scratches.

After using either type of scratch remover, the glass will need to be cleaned again with a glass cleaning agent and a lint-free towel in order to remove any residue that remains on a mirror’s surface. Damage to a mirror that requires professional assistance can be repaired by contacting Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company or another company that provides Glass Repair in Santa Clarita CA. A company that offers Glass Repair in Santa Clarita CA can assist with repairs to glass items in a residential or business setting.

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