Dental emergencies can be a real pain, quite literally. Avoiding this problem is not difficult, but it does require that the patient spend a little effort keeping their teeth and mouth clean. This is because the mouth has a lot of bacteria in it and this number rises every time a person eats. Brushing, rinsing, and flossing is a sure way to reduce the bacteria and protect the teeth from caries (cavities). Failure to do so may result in an unexpected trip to an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI.

Emergency dental work normally consists of filling in a cavity or eliminating an infection, but other problems may crop up. For instance, a crown may come loose and need new resin to hold it in place. This problem is considered an emergency because the tooth is no longer protected and could begin to decay again. This could stop the crown from being restored and force the dentist to make a new one.

Another reason to consider an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI is when a child has an accident. The teeth of children can be just as troublesome as those of an adult. Sadly, many parents don’t recognize problems with milk teeth and tend to wait for the eruption of the adult teeth before they take their children to a dentist. This mistake could come back to haunt them when the kids balk about the office visit. Early introduction to the right dentist can avoid this headache provided the task is handled correctly.

If the emergency situation involves an infection, then the dentist may not be able to do anything until that infection is reduced or eliminated. To handle this issue, the dentist will prescribe a regimen of antibiotics, usually about ten days worth. Antibiotics are necessary because working on any infected tissues could cause that infection to spread even further. Plus, the medicines are already in the system, which reduces the chance of an infection from the repair itself. Thankfully, some dental repairs are easy and require little to no medications. Issues such as a lost crown or veneer rarely require an anesthetic. Visit and find out other ways to improve those pearly whites.

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