When someone has a urinal inside of their business for customer use, they will want to take the appropriate steps in servicing it so it does not become clogged. Over time urine crystallizes within the piping system connected to the urinal, making it necessary to call Hydro Jetting Line Services to help remove any caked on calcium deposits from the pipes so water no longer pools in the basin of the unit.

Cleaning the urinals at the end of each day will help keep clogging from occurring. It is important to remove any debris that many have been thrown into the basin promptly. Remove the urinal screen so the entire basin is exposed, making it easier to be cleaned down as a result. A heavy-duty disinfecting solution can be purchased from a janitorial supply company. This should be sprayed over the surface and left for several minutes so it removes any deposits from the porcelain. A non-abrasive sponge can then be used to wipe the surface in its entirety. The sponge should be thrown away and a new screen should be placed in the unit.

When a clog occurs, the owner can first try to plunge the urinal in an attempt to dislodge the material. If this does not work, the screen can be removed and a plumber’s snake can be used to move away deposits or other material from within the pipes. If this also fails, a plumbing service should be called. They would attach a hose to the drain and push water through the pipes at a high speed and forceful impact. This will clear all debris from within the piping system, often leaving them in an almost new condition.

If someone wishes to use Hydro Jetting Line Services to help clear a clogged urinal in their business, they will want to hire a service seasoned in this type work. Take a look at a web page like Texasprideseptic.com to find out more about a reputable service with the right equipment to get the job done with efficiency. Browse their site and then give them a call to schedule an appointment if desired.

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