From spring storms to winter’s last blast, homes everywhere are exposed to temperature extremes and damage from the elements. Discovering that a home’s roof needs repair or replacement after a severe storm can be a real headache, and filing the right insurance paperwork can be a daunting job. Below are five easy tips for successful homeowners’ insurance roof replacement claims.

Hire a Local Roofing Contractor That Works With Insurance Companies
Instead of handling the homeowner’s insurance claim process on their own, the homeowner should call a local roofer who has worked with insurance companies in the past. can handle insurance claims, allowing the homeowner to focus on getting back to normal while repairs are done.

Act Immediately After Storm Damage
Wind and hail damage can sometimes be hard to find. If a homeowner suspects that their roof has sustained damage, they shouldn’t delay calling Residential Roofing Contractors The claims process is extremely time-sensitive, and homeowners should call a pro for an inspection as soon as possible after a storm. Failure to secure the property correctly can create hassles during the process, and it may lead to a complete denial of the claim.

Document the Damage
The more proof the homeowner has of the damage done to the roof, the easier the insurance claims process will be. Whether the damage is on the inside or the outside after a storm, photos can help the homeowner plead their case. If possible, time- and date-stamp the photos to provide extra proof.

Get a No-Obligation Inspection
Most Residential Roofing Contractors don’t charge for initial inspections, and in most cases, the roof should be evaluated before a homeowner calls their insurer. The results of the inspection can serve as further proof of the damage done to the home.

Look Out for Scams
It’s quite common for scammers to look for frantic homeowners right after a storm. Rather than hiring the first roofer who knocks on the door, the homeowner should take their time and find a local roofing contractor with the necessary expertise and experience to do the job and handle the insurance claim.

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