In Maryland, motorcycle accidents often lead to serious neck, head, and back injuries. The most common circumstances that lead to these more severe injuries include a lack of protective gear and moving violations. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Southern Maryland help victims who are involved in these events and sustain injuries. They file legal claims to assist the victims and acquire compensation.

Comparative Fault Rulings

Comparative fault rulings define if the victim is also at fault for the accident. If they committed any moving violations that caused the accident, they are at fault as well. The court assesses the percentage in which the victim is at fault. The compensation is reduced by this percentage. If they are more than fifty percent at fault, they lose their monetary award completely.

What the Victim Needs

The victim needs to acquire medical records for all injuries sustained in the accident. These records provide them with evidence that shows how the accident impacted their lives. Additionally, they need to acquire their medical expenses and the total value of the wages they lost during recovery. They need a value assigned to any monetary losses to help the court calculate the full loss of the victim.

How are These Cases Determined?

The case is determined by a jury. The jury defines whether or not the victim is entitled to compensation. They also assign a value of the monetary award. They determine if the victim should receive a lump sum or monthly payments.

Understanding Insurance Laws

Insurance laws require all vehicle owners to purchase auto insurance. The coverage pays for property damage and medical costs when the policyholder is at fault. The type of coverage acquired determines how much is paid for these requirements. If the victim received a settlement through coverage, they aren’t likely to acquire more funds through court.

In Maryland, motorcycle riders sustain injuries in accidents more often than automobile drivers. These risks increase if they aren’t wearing protective gear or if they commit a moving violation. Riders who need help from motorcycle accident lawyers in Southern Maryland should browse our website to find more info about appointments and services today.

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