When a hotel owner has basketball courts in Branford, CT on their property, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping them in usable condition. There are several steps that will need to be taken to ensure their upkeep is maintained. Here are some tips a hotel owner can take to keep their courts from deteriorating so guests can use them when desired.

Clean The Courts Often

It will be necessary to have a maintenance worker check the condition of the courts on a daily basis. They will be able to remove any debris from their surfaces at this time. If debris is not removed, it can lead to the alteration of the concrete or asphalt surfaces. A pressure washer can be used to aid in the removal of caked on grime.

Take Time To Make Repairs

When cracks or holes are noticed in a court floor, they will need to be fixed right away. Failing to make repairs in a timely manner can lead to their escalation. This can make a court dangerous to use. Pieces of gravel can be inserted into any void. They can then be covered with a sealant to keep them contained. This will harden and need to be sanded so the surface is completely smoothed.

Enhance The Appearance

If courts do not have bright painted guidelines in place, it may be difficult to play a game of basketball upon them. It is best to repaint lines at the beginning of each warm season so they are easy to view. This can be done with help from a basketball guideline template. The template is positioned over the court surface and then paint can be applied to areas in need of a refreshing appearance.

When there is a need to do maintenance to basketball courts in Branford, CT, calling a service that can assist in needed tasks is best. Give Atwater Paving a call to find out more about the services they offer. An appointment can then be made to have a worker come to the hotel to do an assessment of the condition of the courts if desired.

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