River Oaks is ranked as Houston’s most expensive area to live, so if you are looking for top Houston luxury homes, this is the neighborhood to start with. River Oaks is an area covering more than 1,000 acres that is located in the Inner Loop Houston region. The homes there include many mansions, estates, townhomes, condos and single family homes, with most costing more than a million dollars.

Demand High for Houston Luxury Homes in River Oaks

According to local relators, despite the high cost of a luxury home in Houston, the demand for these fine examples of Texas living is still very high. Each time a home in the River Oaks area comes up for sale, buyers are said to be lined up and ready to make an offer.

Centrally Located Homes Make River Oaks Popular

Popularity of the area is based on its central location near places like the Galleria mall, downtown Houston, and the Texas Medical Center, plus it is near many main roads, fantastic schools, and more. The median price range in the past year or so has been about $1.5 million dollars for these Houston luxury homes.

River Oaks Homes Feature Big Lots, Swimming Pools, and More

The River Oaks examples of Houston luxury homes usually have several things in common that buyers desire. These include huge lots, garages that hold several vehicles, swimming pools, and many other luxury items. Most are between 1,500 and 5,000 square feet in size, and some of the newest can reach up to about 16,000 square footages.

There are a lot of fun activities near River Oaks that make these Houston luxury homes even more desirable, such as community centers, parks, retail shopping areas, recreational centers, Memorial Golf Course, the arboretum, and of course world class restaurants, and so much more on hand for residents to do!

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