If you’ve begun noticing a strange brownish patch on the ceiling, chances are that’s the result of a leaky roof. And that spells trouble. Roof leaks always start off as a small problem. A shingle has gotten loose, a small hole or weakness has developed in the tar paper layer underneath, and water dribbles in with each heavy shower. But as time wears on, that small fissure grows larger and more water starts seeping through.

A discolored patch on the ceiling is only the least of the homeowner’s troubles in that event. Water infiltration degrades the ceiling, ruins insulation, and contributes to wood deterioration in the roof frame if the leak is dribbling onto the timbers. Worse, moist wood and soaked insulation padding creates a perfect growth medium for a variety of molds. This happens not just because of the affected material but by the added humidity in the attic space caused by water infiltration. And it also attracts termites, who now have a ready-made food source at hand.

For these and many reasons, a small roof leak must be fixed before it turns into a very big expense. Letting a problem such as this go unattended doesn’t save the homeowner money even in the short-term, and long-term will certainly generate a huge repair or reconstruction bill. Roof Repair Companies Silver Spring residents rely upon, such as Reliable Roofers Inc, are staffed with experienced roofing carpenters who have seen just about every kind of roof problem and damage condition imaginable. And they will be the first to advise the homeowner that the small leak they’re contending with is the first stage of a major defect developing. Contracting for work immediately after the identification of the leak and drafting of an estimate may pinch the wallet slightly. But that small expense is infinitely preferable to having to pay later for major repairs not only to the roof but to the structure of the house itself.

Roof Repair Companies Silver Spring homeowners have available to them in the area should be ones who guarantee their work under warranty. Reliable firms all have a credible record of professional work behind them. Make a careful survey of the contractors in your locality before making that first call.

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