With kids bedding in Green Bay WI, the focus is often on the colors and designs used for the sheets, coverlets, and other elements. That’s because kids are most likely to enjoy the bedding if the colors are right and the theme has something to do with a favorite character or activity. While the design does matter, parents should also consider the safety factors that influence the choice of bedding. Here are a few points to keep in mind before buying any bedding set.

The Fiber Type

What type or types of fiber are used to make the kids bedding in Green Bay WI? Some bedding sets only use fibers that are natural, while others will be all synthetic or some combination of the two. On the surface, this would not seem to pose a safety factor one way or the other. The fact is some children do not need to come into contact with certain types of fibers.

Consider what would happen if natural fibers like cotton trigger some sort of allergic reaction. What parent would want a child to sleep on cotton sheets? In this scenario, option for bedding that is made using nothing but synthetic fiber is the best choice. Children who exhibit adverse reactions to the synthetic fiber of any kind will be better off with all natural fabrics.

The Dye Used

Along with the fiber, consider the dye used to add color and create patterns, If contact with certain types of dyes causes rashes or other problems for the child, only invest in bedding that uses other types of dyes. Spend some time researching the manufacturer and find out what they use for the bedding products. Doing so ensures the children will sleep better.

Cleaning the Bedding

It also pays to invest in bedding that is relatively easy to keep clean. Children are not always diligent about washing the feet before getting into bed and think nothing of playing on the bed after being outside in the dirt. Always go with comforters and other bedding that can be laundered at home. Doing so makes it easier to ensure the kids always sleep on clean sheets.

Visit our website today and take a look at the range of designs, colors, and styles offered. There’s bound to be something that’s perfect for the child’s room and provides all the safety features the parents want.

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