When a person is incapable of communicating, because of a terminal illness or serious injury, it is essential to have a living will. It is also called, an advance health care directive, advance directive, or an advance medical directive. An advance directive is legal document providing instructions as to the type of medical care to be given at the end of a person’s life. Each state has their own laws regarding these choices, but most states will allow a living will.

There are online resources that can help create an advance directive. The Online Living Will Lawyers Rockland County NY can provide assistance in drafting a living will, and ensure that all the legal requirements are met for New York State. The advice of an attorney can be helpful when deciding what to put into a living will, but the first step is to put together a list of those provisions before creating a draft.

What to put in a living will?

The living will can be as specific or as wide-ranging as needed, and can included the following criteria:

* Power of Authority:

* A family member or friend allowed to make medical decisions, when a person is unable to speak, or if something occurs that is not covered within the living will.

* Breathing or Feeding Tubes:

* One tube is inserted into the throat to help one breathe, and the other is to help feed or hydrate a person.

* Pain Management

* Administering medication to help relieve pain.

* CPR or Fibrillation:

* Resuscitate through electrical shock or compression.

* Donate Organs

* Intentions to donate any body organs or tissue after death.

Planning ahead and knowing what to put in a living will can save time and money, particularly if an attorney is drafting the living will. So it important to be empowered with as much information as possible. An attorney will then put together an outline with all the requested provisions. Having such provisions can bring about peace of mind knowing that in the absence of one’s ability, instructions have already been declared and will be honored by the family and physician.

The Online Living Will Lawyers Rockland County NY, is a good place to start, and for further assistance please contact Mark Aberasturi, who can create an Advance Directive based on an individual’s unique needs. It is important to complete a living will when one is emotionally and mentally competent to make such a declaration. You can also visit them on their Google+ page for more information.

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