Selecting a Heating System Woodland Hills That Saves Energy

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When a homeowner must do something about a heating system that is inefficient or old, it may be a challenging task. This decision affects several aspects, such as air quality, energy costs, comfort, and a home’s safety. This is a long-term investment, which makes it that much more important for homeowners to look at energy efficiency.

There are several factors to consider that determine the right heating system for a particular home. When looking at costs, this includes unit price, installation, and operating expenses. Due to energy bills continuing to come in, the latter is what the focus will be on with heating systems in Woodland Hills.

Determining the Proper Fit

First, how much heat is needed in the home needs to be determined. Requirements of heating a home depends on size, climate, and house style; levels of insulation; amount of heat from appliances and lights; solar energy through windows; among other factors. These factors are taken together to determine the amount of heat a heating system must put out annually. Heating contractors measure the house, and run calculations for the determination of how much heat is needed in that climate.

Type of Source

Majority of heating systems use either combustion fuels or electricity. In some cases, a combination of these sources is used. Energy prices vary between regions, and in some area natural gas is not available.

Homeowners are advised to check local energy prices before switching energy sources or making any type of modification. When considering heating systems in Woodland Hills they can assist with supplying this information.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Every fuel-burning system available loses heat during the combustion process. This heat is forced out of the house through either a vent or chimney after being carried away in combustion gases. A furnaces efficiency is the heat output percentage which is used in the home being heated. For example, if 85% heat value is transferred to the house and there is a loss of 15%, the furnace has 85% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

Cost Calculation

Depending on what type of heater a homeowner has installed, it can be as low as $500, or as high as $12,000. Heating contractors for heating systems in Woodland Hills can supply an accurate cost for the system, and give estimates for year round running costs for the home a system would be installed in. This contractor will also give an estimate of how many year before the investment of a new heater system pays off.

With many different heating systems available today, homeowners are sure to find one that fits all their energy needs.

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