Should humans eat foods with hormones and antibiotics? Livestock and poultry farmers use these substances routinely. That is why some people do not like to buy meat in the grocery store. Many scientists feel this is not healthy. Currently, six hormones are approved by the government for use in animals sold to humans. The hormones include progesterone and testosterone. Supposedly, the hormones speed up the growth of animals. Additionally, the meat is supposed to be leaner. Interestingly, farmers give cows a bovine growth hormone that makes them produce more milk. The government banned the use of hormones in poultry farming several years ago.

Some farmers believe antibiotics protect the animals from germs found on the farm. Likewise, they also protect the animals from diseases. In many instances, the hormones given to animals result in infections that require antibiotics. What can families do to protect themselves? They can buy health-conscious meats in Jackson MS. These meats come from animals that eat a vegetarian diet and receive no hormones or antibiotics. Amazingly, there are many different theories about why the additives are bad for people. However, most experts agree that the hormones are bad for pregnant women and children.

What is surprising is the public’s lack of knowledge on the subject. For instance, eggs were routinely treated with gentamicin for years. The bad news is that gentamicin is routinely used by humans. Researchers believe eating gentamicin and other antibiotics in food hurts humans. That is because people could acquire a resistance to the antibiotics. Consequently, when one gets an infection, antibiotics would not help.

Likewise, a British group insists the hormones given to livestock impact the environment. Hormones pass through animals in manure. These scientists believe the groundwater and soil will be impacted. Studies show hormone-exposure already affecting some fish. As a result, changes are documented in the way these fish reproduce. Everyone wants their family to be healthy. Therefore, families should err on the side of caution. Avoid these substances by buying foods that are good for you. Click here to find a company that sells Health-Conscious Meats in Jackson MS and buy substance-free meat.

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