If you want to buy a used car you can visit a dealership or you can purchase the car from a private party. Both are practical alternatives but there are some significant differences in the two approaches.

Dealer or private party purchase:

When you set out to buy used cars in Joliet you have two options; one is to buy from a dealer and the other is to buy from a private individual.

Buying a used car from a dealer takes all the pressure off you and places it on the shoulders of someone that knows the process and procedures. Dealers are involved in handling all the transaction documentation, they do it every day. If you should buy a used car from a private party, the burden is squarely on your shoulders. Of course, there is a flip side to the argument, you might be in a position to haggle a better deal from a private party; this is especially true if they are in a financial bind and new the money.

The pros of buying from a dealership:

As mentioned, when you buy from a dealer you do not have to take any further action, the dealer looks after the title transfer and any other documentation, as well as that, dealers:

   * Offer financing
   * The car is often covered by a warranty
   * A certified pre owned car has been thoroughly inspected, repaired where necessary and warranted
   * Dealers have a large selection of used cars that may appeal to you
   * Dealers will take your current car in as trade, this can often be part of the down payment for the new car

Used cars in Joliet that are purchased privately are never warranted, the buyer wants cash, you have to get it inspected and the paperwork is your problem. When you look at the pros of buying from a dealership you will quickly realize this is the better option.

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