A deck is a great place to spend time with your friends and family and enjoy nice weather. However, the weather won’t always be very nice. If your deck is outside, then it’s going to be exposed to good weather as well as bad. That’s why the material you choose for your custom decking is so important. You need a material that will withstand years of wind, rain, snow, sunlight, and debris. There are several great options, but composite and wood are two of the most popular. They’re popular because they offer the most benefits with the fewest disadvantages. Which one is better, though? That depends on what you are looking for in your material.

Maintenance-Free Decking

If you are buying custom decking in Lancaster, PA and want it to be largely free of maintenance, you should seriously consider composite. Composite is made of several different materials that are non-porous and non-reactive. WalterandJackson.com offers some great choices for composite decks. Since composite is not wood, it does not attract termites or other pests. However, it is not quite as warm and insulating as wood. Also, it doesn’t quite capture the beauty of wood.

Best-Looking Deck

The best-looking custom decking material is wood, which has been a popular building material for thousands of years because it is beautiful and infinitely adaptable. Wood insulates against heat and does not break down in sunlight. However, you will have to make sure that you finish the wood. Wood is a porous material, which means that it will absorb moisture over the years. Wood finish or paint with sealant will protect your wooden deck from the elements, but you have to make sure that you maintain the finish. Keeping the sealant in good condition keeps your deck protected.

You should consult with decking experts to help you choose the proper material for your deck.

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