Having a solid roof over a home is a crucial way to keep to keep the interior of the space and those inside comfortable and dry. However, some homeowners don’t understand when it is time for New Roof Installation in Ellicott City MD. The good news is, there are a few warning signs to watch for.

The Roof is Over 25 Years Old

Asphalt shingles typically last between 20 and 30 years. If the roof on the home is older than this, it could be a real issue, even if it doesn’t look damaged. Depending on the roof’s condition, a homeowner may have five to 10 years left. If the home is in a development where the neighbors have started replacing their roof, then it is a good sign the homeowner should, as well.

The Shingles are Curling

There are two ways that shingles may curl. They can begin cupping, which is when the edges of the shingles turn upward. They may also begin clawing. This is when the edges remain flat, but the middle begins to come up. Both of these are signs of weathering and they indicate issues and potential leaks.

Missing Shingles

When it comes to functionality, there is no issue with replacing a few shingles occasionally. However, it is virtually impossible to find a new shingle that precisely matches the color of the old ones. The colors used for granules have changed significantly in the past few years. Also, the colors can change slightly due to weathering.

Cracked Shingles

In most cases, cracked shingles result from wind damage. If just a few of the shingles are cracked, then they can be replaced. If the cracking is not in just one area, and it is random throughout the roof, then this is a telltale sign that a home may need New Roof Installation in Ellicott City MD.

Paying attention to the signs of issues with a roof is the best way to ensure it remains in good, protective condition. More information about roof replacement and when it is needed can be found by contacting the staff at Liberty Windows and Siding Ellicott City MD. Keeping a roof in good condition is great for the entire home.

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