If a home relies on a septic tank rather than a municipal sewer system, it is essential to keep a close watch on it to make sure no problems arise. It is important to properly maintain the septic system by calling for regular pumping and inspections. It may also be a good idea to reduce the amount of water used by a home. However, there are some indications that it is time for Septic System Repairs in Greenville OH. Getting to know what these are can help prevent the problem from getting worse and costing more to repair.

Bad Odors

These smells can be either inside the home, outside or, in some cases, both. This is always an indication that the septic system is not functioning properly. If a homeowner notices a smell of raw sewage or rotten eggs, then it is a clear indication they should call for Septic System Repairs in Greenville OH right away.

Toilets that are Backed Up

If the toilet is not able to flush or continues to flood the home with sewage, there is definitely a problem. This may be a sign of clogged drains or a septic tank that is overflowing. It may also be an issue with the leach field. Having an inspection right away will help to find and eliminate the issue causing the problem.

Soggy Spots in the Yard

This can occur when the leach field becomes clogged due to saturation or other issues that have built up over time. This results in a backup of sludge and other types of waste. What this means is that the waste is not moving through the ground like it should and may cause a health hazard around the leach field. If a homeowner notices standing water or soggy areas, they should call for service.

When it comes to septic service, it is essential to call as soon as an issue is noticed. Being aware of a problem will help a homeowner take action before it becomes severe and extremely expensive to repair. If additional information is needed, be sure to contact the professionals at Wiley Well Drilling.

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