When a homeowner’s plumbing system is working properly, they likely don’t give it much thought. Even though modern plumbing systems are extremely resilient, issues can still arise from time to time. There are some smaller plumbing issues can be handled by any DIYer. However, if the problem is more extensive, or if the homeowner has no plumbing experience, hiring a professional for Plumbing Service in San Diego is the best option. Some of the specific signs that it is time to call in the pros can be found here.

Slow Moving or Completely Clogged Drains

If a slow drain in the home is not able to be fixed with a store-bought snake, then the problem may be more serious. If the root cause of the problem cannot be found, then attempting to fix it alone may make the situation worse. Professional plumbers will be able to use commercial grade snakes or other equipment to quickly remove clogs, without causing any additional damage to the pipes. Prior to using chemical drain cleaners to fix a clog, it is a good idea to consult with a plumber. There are some types that can weaken or corrode the pipes.

Water Leaks Present in the Bathrooms, Basement or Walls

If water damage has appeared on the home’s walls, floors or ceiling, then the issue may be a leaky interior pipe. As time passes, even extremely small leaks can cause a significant amount of damage. Prior to the problem getting worse, call for professional Plumbing Service in San Diego to not only find the source of the leak but also to fix or replace the offending pipe. They will also be able to make repairs to any damage the leak has caused thus far.

While many homeowners don’t want to have to call a plumber, there are some situations where it is extremely unavoidable. For more information or to receive professional advice, contact the staff at Workright Plumbing. No plumbing problem should be ignored since it will only become worse and more expensive to have repaired as time passes. Calling at the first sign of a problem will reduce the time and money involved with the repair.

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