Unlike visiting the dentist, it isn’t always necessary to go to schedule appointments with Opticians in Chelsea NY every six months. In most cases, a comprehensive eye exam every few years can help ensure a person’s eyes remain healthy and their vision is sharp. If a person suffers certain medical conditions, such as ocular disorders or diabetes, high prescriptions, surgery, eye trauma or other issues, they will require more frequent exams. Getting to know some of the other signs of an eye problem are highlighted here.

Problems Focusing or Blurry Vision that Develops Suddenly

If a person develops sudden focus issues or blurry vision, it may be a sign of a bigger health problem. This needs to be taken seriously. If the blurriness comes and goes or if it is limited to just one eye, it is essential to contact Opticians in Chelsea NY to schedule an exam.

Visual Disturbances

Another sign it’s time to schedule an eye appointment is a sudden onset of visual disturbances. In some cases, these can be an indication of a vision-threatening disorder, including a retinal hole, retinal tear, or even retinal detachment. If a person experiences these issues, it is important to seek immediate care or an eye exam to determine what the cause of the visual disturbance is. Some of the most common indications of this problem include obstruction of a person’s vision, flashes of light, or floaters.


If a person suffers headaches on a regular basis, this may be an indication of a vision issue. The changes in a person’s vision usually occur slowly. They are usually imperceptible to the patient when they first begin. However, if the individual suffers frequent headaches, it could be a sign of a change in their vision. If re-occurring headaches occur, it may be wise to schedule an eye exam.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by scheduling regular eye exams. These can help a person keep their vision healthy throughout life. If more information is needed about regular eye exams, it is a good idea to contact the staff at Charlotte Jones Opticians.

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