It can be difficult to tell a person needs Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ without a dentist’s referral. However, there are some signs that a person should seek a consultation. Taking the time to get to know the signs that this may be necessary can be beneficial.

Tooth Loss

If a person has lost a tooth or has one that is extremely damaged, then they may need to invest in Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ. In some cases, the oral surgeon will have to extract the tooth before it can cause more damage. At this point, the dentist may also suggest tooth replacement. Even though not all tooth restorations will require oral surgery, the ones that last a person’s lifetime typically will.

Dental implants require oral surgery because the titanium screws have to be placed into the actual jawbone where they will serve as the new tooth root. Once in place and healed, a dentist will place dentures, a bridge or dental crown.

Insufficient Bone Density

Another reason that a person may need oral surgery is if they want dental implants but they have lost too much of the bone density in their jaw. While this situation can be frustrating, an oral surgeon will be able to fix it. Prior to placing the implant, the surgeon will perform a bone grafting procedure. This will allow them to add bone to the jaw using bone from some other part of the body or from a donor.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When a person’s third molars come in, they can cause quite a bit of discomfort and pain in some cases. There are some patients will have to have their wisdom teeth removed. If this is the case, then oral surgeon’s services will be necessary. They can keep issues from arising with these teeth by simply removing them.

Oral surgery is now offered for a number of mouth related issues. Taking the time to learn the signs of a problem will help a person determine when they should seek a consultation. For more information about oral surgery and when it is necessary, visit the website.

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