It is not difficult to figure out when the Heating Air Conditioning in Franklin TN in a home needs service or repair. While some of these signs are extremely obvious, others can be more subtle. Getting to know the warning signs of an issue will help anyone call for professional service before a problem gets worse and more expensive to repair.

The Air is not as Cool as it Once Was

At some point or another, it may be discovered that the Heating Air Conditioning in Franklin TN system is just not doing its job. If the air is simply not cooling, even when it is turned to full blast, an issue is present. This is a sure-fire sign that professional service for Heating Air Conditioning in Franklin TN is needed.

Insufficient Air Flow

If the air coming through the home’s vents is weak or nonexistent, then the compressor in the unit may be failing. If there are some areas or rooms in the home that are not able to get cool air, while others are not, then the issue may lie with the duct work.

Thermostat Issues

In some cases, the issue will not be with the actual air conditioning system, but rather the thermostat. One way to determine if the thermostat is the problem is if one portion of the house is extremely cold, while others remain the same temperature.

Moisture Present where it should not Be

Leakage or moisture that is close to or around the system can be another sign of an issue. Water pools that are close to the AC unit may be an indication that the drain tube has become blocked or broken. If there is leaking water or ice that has started to form on the unit, it can result in even bigger issues in the long run.

More information can be found about AC service and when it is needed by taking the time to Click here. Don’t ignore an issue, since it will only become worse as time passes. Calling for service at the first sign of a problem is going to be the best way to minimize issues and cost.

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