A well-maintained gas water heater will last the average family up to eight years. For electric water heaters, these units will last up to a decade. If you’ve moved into your new home within the last eight years, you may be inexperienced in replacing a water heater. There are signs you should look out for when you believe your water heater is failing. Knowing these will allow you to figure out when to call for water heater installation services in Greeley, CO.

How to Tell the Age of Your Water Heater

If it’s been longer than a decade since the water heater has been replaced, there are water heater installation services available for those who need to act fast before their unit fails. In order to check the date of when it was manufactured, you’ll want to take a look at the serial number. It will begin with a letter, which will help signify the month it was manufactured.

For example, if the serial number starts off with a G, that means it was manufactured in the seventh month, as G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. The next two characters in the number will signify the year. If it begins with G07, this means that it was manufactured in July of 2007. There will be numbers afterward, but these do not represent the date of the unit.

Knowing When Your Water Heater Is Failing

One of the main signs of a failing water heater will be rusty water. This usually doesn’t happen after water heater installation services, just when it’s too old, as it’s a sign of pipe rusting. Any unit that has galvanized pipes incorporated into it will eventually see rusting. If you drain out about 15 gallons of water from the unit and you still see rust, your unit will most definitely have to be replaced.

Sediment is also created around the water heater after longtime usage, due to buildup from over the years. When this happens, you’ll be able to hear a rumbling noise. If you do hear this, it may be time to have a professional technician inspect your unit. Visit Advancedcomfortonline.com for more info.

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