Trees have been used for years to enhance the landscape. While the time of the tree is measured in years, a disaster involving a tree can happen in seconds. Sometimes, it can occur without warning. These are a few situations in which emergency tree work is needed.

Dead trees are an accident just waiting to happen. Their death means the loss of their structural support system. Roots that were once strong are quickly losing their grip. The dead tree likely has insects eating away at its core. Because of the hazard and unpredictable nature of this situation, Emergency Tree Work in Arlington is required. Even though the tree may still be standing, the time and circumstances in which it will fall is unknown. A controlled take-down of the tree will ensure that is safely removed before it causes damage.

Cracking branches are a potential hazard to family members. Heavier trees such as oak can have branches that weigh in the hundreds of pounds. A crack in these branches will put everyone immediately at risk. Even with a healthy tree, cracking can occur. These branches have to be removed safely before they come down. Even the slightest movement in the wind can cause these branches to coming crashing down causing significant property damage and possibly death as a result.

Leaning trees with exposed root systems also pose an immediate hazard that have to be dealt with. While they are not technically dead, the soil can no longer support their weight properly. The roots are what gives the tree is structural support. As this grip is lost with the ground, any force acting on it can cause it to ultimately fall. Emergency tree work in Arlington is needed to determine the extent of the problem. In many cases, a dramatic lean will require the safe removal of the tree.

While trees provide an enhancement to the landscape, they can also become dangerous very quickly. Dead trees, cracking branches and severe leaning can create an unpredictable situation that can result in deadly consequences. These emergencies need to be addressed as soon as possible. Visit for more information regarding the take-down of these types of trees.

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