Home buyers generally know to avoid any property that says “built with a wood foundation.” Wood really is not impervious to the threats of nature. Wood degrades. Wood is a great snack for termites. Wood just does not last, even when it is treated.

The obvious response is to get a concrete foundation. But, even concrete can degrade and weaken over time. Home buyers are often faced with the sometimes costly and typically ambitious task of repairing their sinking foundation. In concrete, it is rare for the entire foundation to be replaced. Wood is usually rotted throughout, and it is hard to replace just a portion of it.

The method used to repair a sinking concrete foundation is called mud jacking. Another name for it is Slab Jacking. Why is it called mud jacking? The reason is because the mud around the concrete slabs is just as vital as the concrete itself. Concrete often sinks into the mud, which causes sinkholes in the foundation. The jacking process involves rooting the concrete slabs. In short, holes are drilled through the concrete. A mix is then mixed through the holes. It is a combination of mud, topsoil, and concrete. The mix will actually be released underneath the concrete slab. Ideally, the mixture will lift the slab. It will not simply slip into the mud and surrounding dirt because of the presence of concrete. The mixture is thicker than the surrounding mud, so it will just build right underneath the current slab.

The holes are patched up and everything is as good as new. Sometimes, the project is done through the basement space. This is because the foundation is far more accessible from the basement. Any holes are patched up accordingly. This removes unsightly gaping holes to the foundation. of course, the team will also clean up after the repair. Team members can access the foundation from the exterior of the home as well.

Contact Toledo Basement Repair to find viable answers for major foundation problems. Concrete foundations have their weaknesses, and no foundation is completely invulnerable to nature. Slab Jacking is an affordable answer for an often unaffordable problem. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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