Smoke Shops Help Cut The Nicotine Craving

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Cigar Shop

Smoke Shops, such as The vaporium, are one of the best and most convenient ways to cut cigarettes out of your life. In the past, to quit cigarettes the choices were to cut slowly back, while still being prisoner to the nicotine or to quit cold turkey and experience serious nicotine withdraw that could be likened to a drug withdraw, it can be so severe. Today, no one has to go through those dangerous and miserable ways to quite smoking cigarettes. There is a much simpler and gentler way to do it. A way that has much more success and your body won’t revolt.

Smoke Shops have many different type electronic cigarettes. Some are small and disposable, and others are larger and have a tank on them that “e-liquid” is poured into, giving the smoker a supply of flavor for hours or days. Choose either type e-cig you prefer, there are a style and flavor to fit the needs of even the most die-hard smoker. Many e-cigs and liquids come in a tobacco flavor. There is a variety of flavors, and there is usually one to match your favorite cigarette. After the tobacco flavor is exhausted, and the new user is ready to experiment; there are e-liquids for the cigarettes in almost any flavor you can imagine, from banana pudding to coffee and bubble gum. There is something to please everyone. Most of these flavors, even the tobacco ones, have an option of full nicotine, light nicotine or no nicotine. This allows the user to slowly break the hold nicotine has on their body.

It’s usually suggested to first keep everything the same, as much as possible. Use full nicotine in a flavored e-cig that is familiar and enjoyable. When the user has switched to the e-cig exclusively, flavors can be experimented with. You may learn that you like raspberry or peppermint flavor, much to your surprise. At that point, when you enjoy the e-cig and can enjoy other flavors too, it’s time to knock down the nicotine level to light. This allows the body to adjust slowly. After a bit, you can drop it down again to zero nicotine and enjoy your e-cig as long as you desire as a vapor flavor with no nicotine or harmful chemicals.

When you are ready to stop smoking the smoke shop is the way to go. You’ll not be sorry. You can like them on Facebook.

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