Ask just about any smoker about why they have not given up their habit and they are likely to say something along the lines of – “giving up is easy, I’ve done several times already”. A jocular way of covering up their lack of willpower that forces them to continue their smoking lifestyle and chance all the risks associated with it.

Risk Factors

Risks that can, not only affect themselves and their property or belongings but also risks to other people in their vicinity. Not only health risks but fire risks; I do not know the exact numbers but many hotel fires are caused by a smoker falling asleep with a lighted cigarette between his or her fingers.

Why Take Such Risks?

Those smokers who admit to trying various Methods To Stop Smoking that simply have not worked for them, will probably admit (albeit sheepishly) that they do believe that they really should have tried a bit harder and, maybe, should try again. However, the more truthful amongst them will also acknowledge that they are aware of the risks but are unconvinced that these apply to them.

Effectively, this attitude leaves most smokers without the motivation to succeed, no matter which of the many Methods To Stop Smoking they might try next. A smoker has to really want to stop smoking before commencing any of the known Methods To Stop Smoking.

What Sort Of Methods Are Available To Help You Stop Smoking?

There are some methods that are surely based on quack medicine style ideas. Others are more scientifically grounded but these usually involve replacing smoking with some alternative form of nicotine addiction such as gum, patches or electronic vaporizing cigarettes.

Another method is to sell you a selection of motivational speeches and slogans recorded on tape or, more likely these days, on a compact disk. Continuously listening to these is claimed to make you so disgusted with your smoking habit that you lose all interest in it. (Writer’s note- these never even came close to working for me or anyone else that I know of who has tried them).

Then, there are techniques like hypnosis or acupuncture which make convincing claims about their effectiveness. Unfortunately, practitioners of these are not always easy to locate and the costs could be a little on the high side.

Maybe the best Methods To Stop Smoking are those that can be easily accessed, are not overtly expensive and can be specifically tailored to suit a smokers individual circumstances? Such a method may well provide the correct motivation for each and every smoker.


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