For women seeking Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia, the choices have improved tremendously from the glued-on false eyelash options. Eyelashes, like human hair, tend to thin out with age. As even the thickest mascara can only do so much, many women turn to eyelash extensions as a way to enhance their natural lashes. The eyelash extension trend is growing rapidly at salons and spas all over the country.

Some FAQ’s and answers regarding eyelash extensions:

What are they made of? – Eyelash extensions are made from synthetic polyester that is curved to resemble a natural lash. Synthetic polyester tolerates wear and tear better than other materials and poses the least chance of producing allergic reactions in wearers.

How are they applied? – In order to create a natural looking appearance, they must be applied individually. They are customized to the wearer and come in different thickness and lengths ranging from 5mm to 17mm. A wide range of colors is available as well. The length and thickness chosen depend on the wearers on natural lashes.

Who applies them? – Proper application of eyelash extensions is one of the most demanding procedures for a cosmetologist to master. Eyelash extensions are relatively new in the U.S. and they are not regulated by the FDA. An improperly trained technician may apply the lashes to the eyelid itself instead of the lashes, resulting in irritation or serious injury. The proper application involves separating the natural lashes to isolate one lash, then placing the synthetic lash to that one lash using a tiny amount of glue. The process is repeated per lash until 30 to 100 lash extensions have been applied.

How long does it take and how long do they last? – One can expect to the procedure to last two to three hours and depending where you live, to cost between $125 to $500. Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia should last about 2 months and will fall out with the natural lashes. Monthly touch-ups are usually required.

When choosing a spa or salon to provide eyelash extensions look for one that uses a medical-grade adhesive as this greatly reduces chances of irritation. Correctly applied eyelash extensions will be indistinguishable from ones natural lashes -; they should not look fake. Also, eyelash extensions should not be mistaken for eyelash transplants -; a service performed by a physician.

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