A kitchen facelift can be simple or complex, it can be little more than changing the cabinet door hardware or it can involve a complete floor to ceiling renovation. One of the keys to any kitchen renovation is the budget the homeowner sets aside for the work; other design tips for your kitchen facelift include your personal preferences as well as the reasoning behind the work.

Although a great deal can go into a kitchen facelift, perhaps the most important tip is setting the budget. A kitchen facelift can cost little more than a few hinges and knobs for the cabinets or it can run to thousands of dollars if the intention is to remodel the room completely. Although a complete facelift is ideal, even a small amount of time, effort and money will pay dividends. Have a hard look at your existing kitchen, pick out a couple of things that if changed will have a significant impact. Think paint; paint does not cost a great deal and can be applied by the homeowner over the weekend, but the results can be quite dramatic. If you don’t want to paint the walls or they don’t need painting, look at the woodwork, painting the woodwork in a contrasting colour can make a significant visual impact. Take a couple of cabinet doors off, paint or wallpaper the interior, add a couple of glass shelves and use the space to highlight and showcase your fine china or other interesting kitchenware.

If you are working with a larger budget then the design tips for your kitchen can be more extensive. Replacing the cabinets and worktop can make a real change and they don’t have to cost all that much. Look hard at the space available and the kitchen layout, it may be practical and quite easy to add a central island. An island allows for additional work space, more cabinets and an island is an ideal spot for casual dining or afterschool snacks with friends.

Changing the flooring material can be quite costly; it depends a great deal on the material that is chosen. It may be possible to do some things without professional help; flooring is not one of them. The same holds true for installing new electrical wiring for power or additional lighting.

If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen to make your home more appealing on the market then consider using neutral colours. Big, bold, bright designs may be a great idea for you but can spell disaster if a potential buyer only sees something that will have to be changed right away.

If you really want a lot of great design tips for your kitchen call Konstruct Interior Solutions. KIS have built an enviable reputation for delivering high quality custom kitchen renovations.

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