The blood vessels in your legs that return deoxygenated blood to your lungs and your heart are designated as veins. When you look at your legs and see ones that look thick and ropey, those are referred to as spider veins. These can typically be treated by any one of the treatment options that are recommended for spider veins in Chicago.


This is one of the most common options. Your physician will inject a salt solution into the affected vein, causing it to swell, seal together, and shut. By having this procedure done it prevents any blood from flowing into the vein which in effect turns it into scar tissue which will then fade away in a few weeks’ time. At times, as a vein maybe stubborn, it might need to be treated more than once.

Laser Surgery

In this method, small burst of light are passed across the vein in order to get it to fade and then disappear. Since lasers are known to be quite accurate, this can be a great option for spider veins in Chicago. Patients are known to experience minor discomfort, but nothing that would warrant the use of anesthesia or sedation.

Endovenous Technology

This is when a doctor places a small catheter inside the vein to allow laser energy to pass through and shrink the vein. Once that is done and blood flow is improved, your symptoms should start to improve.


To treat very large spider veins in Chicago, surgery may be required. The veins will be stripped, tied off, and then removed. This is generally only performed on the surface veins. This does need to be performed under local or general anesthesia which means that it need to be performed in an operating room as an outpatient. Whatever treatment you decide upon for treating your spider veins in Chicago after consulting with your physician, the best place to have any procedure done is at Veins Without Surgery.

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