Separation and divorce are never an easy road to take. However, choosing the right path will make all the difference. A collaborative divorce process is aimed at reaching positive agreements for the entire family. Trained mental health, financial and legal professional can help reduce and avoid the emotional and economic strain for litigation. Here are a few reasons why collaborative law may be right for you.

A Support System

As you and your spouse cooperatively craft a settlement, you are benefitting from your lawyer’s negotiating, problem-solving and advocacy skills. You are in a unique position to gain both support and insight from professionals who will help you identify yours and your children’s requirements.

You Are in Control

Although both parties each have a lawyer, you are individually responsible for shaping a settlement as the primary members of the team.

Focus on Settlement

Removing the threat of “going to court” from the proceedings is a big help in reducing the fear and anxiety that marks the traditional divorce process. This will then help you remain focused on crafting positive solutions for your unique case.

Better Settlement Negotiations

A unique solution to issues identified have to be identified for every family in a divorce or separation proceeding that can take a long time to conclude, according to a Divorce Statistics website post. The collaborative law divorce approach, instead, quickly produces more detailed and complete agreements than is possible through if crafted by a judge in a court proceeding.

The collaborative divorce process is a client-driven process, rather than lawyer-driven. Each party’s goals are quickly identified and any disagreements resolved through a problem-solving, interest-based approach. Although there is not guaranteed pain-free way to annul a marriage, the collaborative process does offer you and your spouse an environment in which your children and yourself can thrive.

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