The crucial first steps after witnessing flood damage in or outside the home will make or break the entire effort. Every minute will count towards salvaging the property or playing serious damage control in the wake of a disaster. Homeowners might be wise to take the below three steps right away to maximize time efficiency and protect the home as much as possible.

Call a Professional

There is no calling mom to tell her about the problem, or informing the Aunt that dinner tomorrow is probably canceled. Call at 760-532-3266. This is a direct line to the local Water Removal expert. The team will come in and determine the damage, and act professionally to limit any further onslaught. Importantly, call the team even if the damage appears mild. It is always difficult to determine if there is water seeping quickly into a crack, or if the water is spreading to areas that are difficult to see.

Pictures for Insurance

Insurance is present for a reason. Homeowner’s need to instantly look at the big picture- quite literally. Take big shots of the home, and include close-ups of the damage. This is the documentation that may become vital when an insurance company decides to play coy. It could be the difference being homelessness and a home insurance payment.

Wear Body Protection

Water can come from all places, and some of these places are not particularly healthy or conducive. Groundwater, for example, could have chemicals or sewage. The very thought of sewage may cause family members to climb for the tables. Wear foot protection and gloves to keep potentially contaminated water out of any open sores. Water is highly penetrable. It could potentially seep under toenails or sit on the skin and enter an open sore. Sewage water is nothing to balk at, as diseases derive from

waste in some groundwater.

It can be easy to fall into panic mode. Have a three-step initiative set into place, call a professional Water Removal expert. Take detailed photographs, and wear the right kind of protection. These steps minimize the damage, protect a family on the financial end, and keep everyone safe.

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